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The rules of travel have changed!  If you haven’t kept up, you’re going to end up spending more than you need to or traveling less than you’d like.  I should know, I was in that same boat a few years ago – but since then I’ve totally changed the way I travel.

This is where I’ll share everything I’ve learned, and the resources you’ll need for your next adventure. Let’s dust off that suitcase and start checking off your bucket list faster than you ever imagined!

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“Of all the books in the world,

The best stories are found

between the pages

of a passport.”



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“It’s bad manners

to keep an adventure




Bruce Schinkel

My first trip outside of North America was when I traveled to the Dominican Republic in 2005. I had such a great time that it’s safe to say I was devastatingly bitten by the travel bug! Suddenly I couldn’t get enough! I was making lists of places to go, activities I wanted to experience, things I wanted to see.

My name is Bruce Schinkel and I grew up in Sherkston, Ontario Canada; a small village located 20 minutes south of Niagara Falls along Lake Erie, right across from Buffalo, New York. Living so close to some of the world’s wonders – the natural wonder of Niagara Falls, the Niagara Escarpment and the Great Lakes; or the man-made wonder of the locks along the Welland Canal – it was easy to take the spectacular for granted. Somehow I never lost my sense of wonder, as I am continually driven to seek out the awe-inspiring.

I am not one for relaxed travel, and often “pack too much” into each trip. With so much to see and experience, I can’t help myself! I prefer to add some form of adventure, educational or experiential aspect to every trip I take.

I invite you to come along on this journey as we explore the world, together!

What am I talking about?

Switzerland Tour: 2 Days in Lauterbrunnen Hiking the Swiss Alps (Part 2)

Switzerland Tour: 2 Days in Lauterbrunnen Hiking the Swiss Alps (Part 2) If you missed Part 1 of our Switzerland tour where I described the first of our 2 days spend in Lauterbrunnen hiking in the Alps, be sure to go back and check it out. As I mentioned in my...
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5 Awesome Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Near Central Park South

5 Awesome Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Near Central Park South My wife and I recently returned from an incredible weekend in New York City, and I couldn’t wait to share some of my findings with you: especially the awesome, vegan-friendly restaurants near Central...
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Amazing Animal Encounters You Need to Experience!

Amazing Animal Encounters You Need to Experience! I don’t know about you, but when I’m travelling I’m always on the search for some amazing animal encounters … outside of a traditional zoo or aquarium (which I also love by the way!). This post...
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Switzerland Tour: 2 Days in Lauterbrunnen Hiking the Swiss Alps (Part 1)

Switzerland Tour: 2 Days in Lauterbrunnen Hiking the Swiss Alps (Part 1) For our first trip to Switzerland we headed straight into the Alps and settled in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.  If you haven’t been, you definitely want to put this place on your bucket list! ...
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2016 Travel Trends: What’s Hot This Summer

2016 Travel Trends The worldwide travel industry continues to be a significant part of the worldwide economy, and the 2016 travel trends so no signs of slowing down.  This continued upward trajectory is being fueled by an increase in leisure travel as well as the rise...
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